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Tarahorova is a magic word created by Terra Han. She is a TeRra virtuoso and inventor.

One day, she dreamed of her mother and her music teacher, maestro Kim passed away long time before. In the dream, she was walking to see her mother in the deep mountain. She didn’t know where she was but she was just walking. Suddenly a blue bird flew to her and has fallen down in front of her and was dying. She felt sympathy, somewhat scared because the bird was dying. She kept walking to her mother.


There was a house like temple in the top of the mountain. She entered the house and her mother was in the house tidying white celadon horo bottle (gourd bottle). Horo bottle is a magic bottle in East-Asia in history. It is containing water, drinks and a panacea of all disease. Eastern God and Goddess carries the bottles to help people all the time.


Terra Han composed the song and poem inspired by the Eastern Pentatonic folk song the Blue Bird and the Horo Bottle(gourd bottle). TARAHOROVA is a clean music transcribing natural sound such as waters, wooden iron sound by mother, and Eastern string natural string instrument. It is cleaning the word in the pandemic, give us pure mind pure environment with the natural sounds.



TARATerra is defined as LAND and EARTH both in Latin and Sanskrit language. Terra is a goddess of Earth in Roman mythology.

HOROHORI or HOLU bottle is Gourd bottle. In Asia, Horo bottle is a magical bottle implicating WATER and OCEAN. Eastern god and goddess always carry the magic water bottle to heal people. It contains Magic WATER panacea.

VA has bunch of meanings in both Latin and Sanskrit language. VA is implicative of AUSPICIOUSNESS for fortune, HAPPINESS, BLISS, Also STRONGPOWER or PERFECT PERSON(God), also WATEROCEAN and AIRWIND and SKY in Sanskrit. In Latin language, it also means WATER of body, OCEAN and STREAM.

VA is ultimate exclamation, TARAHOROVA!

About Terra Han


Terra Han (한테라, 韓泰來) is widely recognized as a TeRra virtuoso and inventor. Originally her musical instrument is Kayageum, which was most beloved instrument of Korea. She was a child prodigy and was already performing by age 6. Ms. Han is trained in Asian zither traditions including the Japanese koto and the Chinese zheng. She has performed internationally all around the world. She is the first kayageum player to be named as the recipient of the Asian Cultural Council’s Blanchette Rockefeller Fund. She has released more than 10 solo albums and in 2016, she was admitted as a voting member of the Grammy Awards of The Recording Academy in the US.

She graduated Seoul National University and Micromaster at Massachusetts Institute Technology.

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TeRra Instrument

TeRra is a new string instrument invented by Terra Han. Instrument TeRra is originated from kayageum, Korean ancient 12 string zither.