Tarahorova is a magic word created by Terra Han, instrument TeRra inventor and virtuoso. Terra Han composed the magic words and the music song ‘Happy Magic TARAHOROVA’ to empower people and clean the world in the COVID 19 pandemic inspired by her dream one day.

TARA, Terra is defined as LAND and EARTH both in Latin and Sanskrit language. Terra is a goddess of Earth in Roman mythology.

HORO, HORI or HOLU bottle is Gourd bottle. In the Eastern cultures, Horo bottle is a magical bottle implicating Water and Ocean. Eastern god and goddess always carry the magic water bottle which is another type of wish fulfilling jewel in order to heal people. It is said by some to be the equivalent of the philosopher’s stone in Western cultures.

VA has bunch of meanings in both Latin and Sanskrit language. VA is implicative of AUSPICIOUSNESS for fortune, HAPPINESS and BLISS, Also STRONG, POWER or PERFECT PERSON(God), also WATER, OCEAN and AIR, WIND and SKY in Sanskrit. In Latin language, it also means WATER of body, OCEAN and STREAM.

VA is ultimate exclamation, TARAHOROVA!

Sing TARAHOROVA Fortune Comes.

Sing TARAHOROVA (Original)

Say TARAHOROVA Magic Happens.


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